Frequently Asked Questions

Having questions about digital accessibility isn't a bad thing! There's so much to learn and asking questions will only make you more knowledgable, so keep asking. Below are some commonly asked questions about digital accessibility. And because the person running this site does not personally rely on assistive technology or practices to currently access digital content, any questions touching on user experience or preference will be answered by guest authors and credited appropriately in the response.

If you have a question about digital accessibility that you don't see answered here or isn't explained elsewhere on the website, please email Accessible Social at

I want to retweet something, but it doesn’t have alt text. What’s the best way to add it?
What the heck is "web a11y"?
How do you get accessibility buy-ins from content stakeholders and leadership?
Someone is repeatedly creating inaccessible content despite me telling them why it's bad. Is there anything I can do to further educate them?
What is one thing that brands can stop doing today to improve accessibility?
Do you have any examples of alt text?
What is WCAG?
How do you say WCAG?
How can we make sure accessibility isn’t forgotten in the rush when we need to get out urgent messages?
I try to add alt text when I tweet images but have never figured out how to look at the alt text after publishing my content. How can I see that?
When it comes to describing people in images, when should you be specific about stuff like race, ethnicity, sex, etc...?
How often should I look at updating my accessibility practices?
What's the difference between closed captions and open captions? What about burned and embedded captions?
In an organization, who has the most responsibility for ensuring content is accessible?
Is it better to write your image description in the caption area of a post or the provided alt text field on a platform?
What other alternatives for making photos or videos accessible should I take when the social media platform does not support Alt Text or Closed Captions?
How can we make Stories and Reels more accessible beyond captions?
What is a baseline everyone should be following for accessibility? What do "good" or "great" look like when it comes to accessible content?
What's with the llama mascot?
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