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News and updates about platforms, apps, and technology that impact accessibility on social media. Click any of the below buttons to filter the feed by platform.

February 23, 2023
Twitter removes captions from Spaces
The Verge
October 26, 2022
Twitter updates platform's sounds
July 13, 2022
Twitter tests new alt text reminder
Social Media Today
April 22, 2022
Twitter tests new closed caption button
Social Media Today
March 9, 2022
Twitter launches audio translations for charts
Social Media Today
February 1, 2022
Instagram outlines accessible updates
December 14, 2021
Twitter adds auto-captions for all video uploads
Social Media Today
November 19, 2021
Discord adds support for alt text
The Verge
November 18, 2021
Clubhouse finally adds live captions
September 2, 2020
Twitter shares accessibility update
Twitter Blog
November 28, 2018
Instagram adds alt text field
March 29, 2016
Twitter adds alt text capability
The Verge
February 13, 2016
Facebook adds auto-captions for video ads
Social Media Today
August 28, 2008
YouTube adds closed captioning