Images and Visuals

Images and visuals are vital on social media. They improve engagement, boost brand awareness, and help illustrate your story beyond words. Make sure you're equipped with the knowledge you need to share visuals that are accessible for disabled social media users.

Learn about the alt text publishing capabilities of major social media platforms as well as some popular management tools and apps.
Examples of hypothetical marketing and advertising scenarios and the alt text that would accompany the images used in the content.
Learn about the purpose and importance of alt text, and how to write it effectively.
A look into how alt text impacts the engagement of social media images.
Learn about flattened copy, how it impacts the experience of screen reader users, and alternative methods for sharing wordy statements online.
A selection of subjectively good alt text examples from the Twitter accounts of real organizations, brands, and public figures.
Learn about the impact the use of color and color contrast can have on physical and digital content.