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Images & Visuals

Learning Sections

Image Accessibility

An introduction to alt text, image descriptions, and the basics of image accessibility.

Writing Image Descriptions

Tips and advice for writing effective and accessible image descriptions.

Platform Image Accessibility

Learn about the image accessibility capabilities of major social media platforms as well as popular management tools.

Copy on Images

Learn about how flattened copy on images impacts accessibility and user experience.

GIF Accessibility

How to create and share accessible GIFs on social media.

Color & Design

Learn about the impact that color and other design choices have on digital content.

Good Image Descriptions

A selection of subjectively good image descriptions from real Twitter accounts.

Accessible Image Scenarios

Examples of hypothetical marketing scenarios and the image descriptions for the accompanying visuals in the content.

Alt Text A/B Test

A look into how adding alt text impacts the engagement of images shared on Twitter/X.